I’ve been a keen photographer since about the age of 10 when my father bought me a small 110 Hanimex camera. Despite that fact the camera and I took dreadful photos, I fell in love with photography. A few years later he bought me a Fujica AX1 35mm film SLR. It only had a standard 50mm lens but he had the AX5 model so I could use his lenses. I loved it. I bought as many rolls of film as my paper round money would stretch to.
In my late teens (around 1990) I developed a love affair with Nikon cameras with an F301 film body purchase. By now I was in full time employment with about 90% of my wages going on photography equipment. By the age of 25 I had a full setup of multiple film camera bodies, a full set of lenses and all the usual accessories. A large monochrome darkroom was also in full flow producing countless prize winning prints exhibited all over the world.
But digital cameras were starting to take hold. I have a real analogue love of film, just like vinyl records! But a few things changed. I got married, others things took priority and for about 10 years I lost my way with my photography. The darkroom had gone, the film cameras sold and a digital SLR purchased. I still took a lot of photos but not with the passion I had before. I still don’t love digital as much as film. A friend who takes wedding photos once said they normally take around 2000 digital images at a wedding. I was horrified that so little care seemed to be taken with the production of quality images – if I take enough photos, some must be good! But that’s what you can do with digital and I must confess that I appear to have developed a similar attitude. However I still don’t take that many photos and still find myself composing and thinking through the frame as though the value and capacity of 36 frames per roll were all I had to make great photos.
I have a real love of monochrome images. If I create a black and white image in Photoshop its because I visualised how it would look in monochrome at the time of taking. I don’t normally look through my archive of images wondering which look right in monochrome. About 70% of my images displayed on here have very little Photoshop manipulation… a little cropping, a little adjustment here and there and that’s all.
Over the years I’ve won numerous awards for my photography and my images have been published on book covers, posters, advertising campaigns and exhibited in galleries in several different counties. I hold full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.
Today I’m taking a lot of travel images but also revisiting my passion for stylish portraiture, fashion and art nude. If you wish to work with me please get in touch. In 2017 I started running my own photography workshops after attending several and realising there was much to be desired and that I had a great deal of knowledge and experience to impart. Details of my photography workshops can be seen here: www.fusionphotographyworkshops.co.uk.
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